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(Last update: 20 March, 2006)

1. Running ATMA
2. Loading a saved file (.d2s)
3. Creating an extended stash
3. The Buffer and Cursor windows explained
4. Troubleshooting
5. Miscellaneous

Step 1: Running ATMA

- Make sure that the character you want to open with Atma is not currently running in Diablo. Accessing a character through ATMA that is also currently loaded in the game is the best way to corrupt your character/lose items/have wacky things happen. To be on the safe side, it is best to make sure that Diablo is not running at all when operating Atma - unless you're an experienced user. In any case, you have been warned...

- With that out of the way, let's Open ATMA.

The Opening Splash Screen


Step 2: Opening a Diablo Saved File

Your Diablo saved games are saved as .d2s files. So, if you had a character named Antianara, her saved file would be Antianara.d2s. Let's see if we can open her up...

 - Select File and then Load (.d2s) file

Loading a file

Okay, now we have to navigate to where Antianara is saved. Go to the folder in which you installed Diablo II: Lord of Destruction. Got it? Very well - inside there should be a folder named Save. If we open that up, you should get a list of all the saved characters on your computer:

Let's double click on Antianara...

Opening File

If done correctly, your opened character should now appear in front of you like this:

Character Screen

Notice how the file has also appeared under the D2S tab on the left Character/Item View window. Next time you use ATMA, you won't have to open your saved games all over again, but instead just select them from that window.

Now let's see if we can open up a second character - follow the steps mentioned above, but select a different character from your Save folder. I have selected Vercingetorix, my Barbarian:

Two Characters

Excellent! Now you can drag and drop items between the two characters - just like you would drag and drop files between two Windows windows. Just make sure that when dropping an item that there is enough space for it - if an item is 3x2 squares it need a 3x2 square space. ATMA won't "replace" items like the game does. Also, when dropping it, your cursor should be in the top-left corner of the intended dropping space.

What? You only have ONE character? And it has too many items? No problem, I say. Let's create a new stash for it. This stash won't appear in the game and can only be accessed using ATMA.


Step 3: Creating a new stash:

 - Select Utility.
 - Select New Stash.

Choosing a new stash

If done correctly, the following window should appear:

New stash perimeters

Stash Name: Here you can type in a name for you brand new stash.
Version: ATMA supports 1.11, but doesn't know it yet. Just keep this on 1.10. 
File Path: Select the directory in which you want to save your expanded stashes. Try to keep it somewhere simple. WARNING: Use an already existing directory - if you choose a non-existing one, the game won't create it but you will lose your stash and everything in it!!!

And there you have it - a new stash!

An empty stash

Notice how the stash has a little * next to the words My Stash. When changes have been made ATMA uses that little asterisk (*) to warn you that the new changes haven't been saved yet. You can do this by pressing Save All.

Our Stash is feeling very empty, so let's try to put something inside it. I'm going to aim for that diadem (the little metal circle-y thingy) to the right of it. This can be accomplished, once again, just by clicking, dragging and dropping.

A not-so empty stash

The diadem has now disappeared from the character screen and is now safely in the stash. Or rather, it will be safe once I hit the Save All button. It also makes sense to select the Auto Save option under the Options menu - this only needs to be done once.

 Notice how ATMA automatically sorts your items for you, depending on their type. If you click on the List tab, you can see all the items sorted in alphabetical order.

An ATMA stash has an .d2x extension. Notice that the stash we have just created also appeared in the Character/Item View window, but this time under the D2X tab. In the future you can access this stash by clicking on it there.

A stash can hold an unlimited number of items - but once you near a 1000 or so it takes a very long time to load.


4. What's up with these "Buffer" and "Cursor" spaces?

The Buffer Space:
The "Buffer" is somewhere to put an item that you don't currently know where else to put. For instance - have you noticed the difficulties in transfering an item from your inventory to your mercenary? Obviously you can't click on the "mercenary" tab while holding an item, and you can't access your inventory while under the mercenary tab. The answer? Put that particular item in the "buffer" and then access you mercenary - it will still be there in the buffer window.

The Cursor Space:
The cursor window is slightly different: if, while playing the game, you are so filled up that you don't have room for everything in your stash before exiting, you can click on an item to pick it up and then, when it has appeared "on your cursor", you can exit and save.  When you reload a game the next time, the item will still be there, although you'll have to drop it in order to move.

One note about this though, if you are moving items around in ATMA, and leave something in the 'cursor' spot when you save and close your character, then load that character in-game, sometimes the item that was in the 'cursor' field is gone. It is best not to leave anything valuable in that area when exiting ATMA.
(thanks to internetdotcom from PDF)

This problem seems to have been solved as of version 5.05. If anyone experiences differently, please let me know.


5. Troubleshooting:

a) I keep getting "unknown version unable to load character file" on the info bar. I have followed your tutorial to the "T". Any suggestions?

This is usually due to the fact that either your saved game or your ATMA installation has been corrupted. Reinstall with the latest version of ATMA (5.05) or replace the corrupted saved game with a backed-up saved file.


6. Things to keep in mind:

The 3 Keys:
As of  Patch 1.11 three unique keys have been introduced into the game: They are often (but not always) dropped by The Countess (Act I), The Summoner (Act II) and Nihlathak (Act V). These keys are of no use to Single Players and will cause versions before 5.05  to crash.


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